Qur'anic Arabic

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Quranic recitation course

Classes are held on Fridays from 2.00 to 3.30 pm. during Term during the academic year.
Starts: Friday 13th October 2017

Students are required to have a knowledge of the Arabic script, and have access to copies of the Quran (Mushaf) (students should have access to a colour coded Tajweed version), and Read, (Learning Roots, 2012)

The course's focus is on the applied aspects of Quranic recitation (Tajweed). An emphasis will be placed upon accurate pronunciation of consonants and the varying vowels, through group and individual practice. By the end of the course students will have a basic understanding of the rules of Tajweed, practice in the accurate application of these rules and improved confidence in reciting passages from the Quran. The course is designed to allow individuals to progress at their own pace, with tutor support.

Term 1- 10 weeks - An introduction to the etiquette of Quranic recitation. An explanation of sun and moon letters and the definite article. The types of vowels; short, long, and dipthongs. The practice and identifying of the six letter groups. Each letter group will be practiced using the course text (Read) and the Mushaf.

Term 2 - 10 Weeks- The second term will consolidate the previous term’s knowledge and learning. Further explanation will be on made on certain letters and attributes (ل (Lām),ر (Rā), م and ن (Mīm) and (Nūn)). Greater attention will be paid to reciting short chapters of the Quran with exact pronunciation.

Term 3- 5 Weeks - In the final term the focus will be primarily on recitation practice and application of what has been covered throughout the year including consolidation of the rules of stopping. Students will be given individual appointments to recite rehearsed portions of the Quran with the tutor.

Note: Although the course does not expound in detail on the rules of recitation (Tajweed), the manner of recitation being learnt and applied is in complete observance of the rules.

Course Instructor: Sh Saqib Mahmood

Course Location: Classes will take place in our new building on Marston Road.

No charge is made for the course, but students are required to apply for a course place.

To apply for the course, please download and return an Application Form.

Qur'anic Arabic application form : Click to Download

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