Seminars - Hilary Term 2018

The following seminars will be held at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Marston Road, during Hilary Term 2018 on Wednesdays at 5.00 pm unless otherwise indicated.All welcome.

Seminar series: Religion, Politics and Development in Muslim Societies

17th January Professor Bassam Fattouh
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Oil Markets and the Political Economy of Reform in Saudi Arabia
24th January
Professor Eric Chaney
University of Oxford
Religion and the Rise and Fall of Islamic Science
31st January
Professor Jean-Philippe Platteau
University of Namur
Islam Instrumentalised: Religion and Politics in Historical Perspective
5th February
Professor Danny Quah
National University of Singapore
What Does the Global Shift in Economics Power mean for Smaller States? Implications of China's Belt and Road Initiative
14th February
Dr Toby Matthiesen
University of Oxford
How much do doctrinal debates and the early historical disputes matter in Sunni-Shi’i relations?
21st February
Dr Adnan Naseemullah
King's College London
Explaining Political Order and Disorder in Pakistan’s Northwest
28th February
Dr Nemat Bizhan
Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford
Foreign aid and state building in a fragile context: Afghanistan after 9/11
7th March
Professor Simon Quinn
University of Oxford
Exploring a New Research Frontier: What Can Randomized Control Trials Tell Us About Islamic Finance?
23rd March
Professor Saumitra Jha
University of Stanford
Trade and Tolerance: What Can We Learn from South India?

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