Visiting Research Fellowships - Application Form 2023-24

Section 1: Personal Details

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Section 2: Employment details

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Section 3: Visiting Research Fellowship Proposal

Visiting Research Fellowships at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies are tenable for a period of between 3 to 9 months. For stipendiary awards residence for at least two terms is normally expected. 

Please Indicate which term(s) you intend to be in residence (please tick as appropriate):
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Section 4: Certification

Are you willing to be considered for a non-stipendiary visiting research fellowship?

For more information, please see our Privacy Notice for Visiting Fellowships.

Accommodation: The Academic Office can provide information about available accommodation but please note that you are ultimately responsible for your own arrangements.

Section 5: Additional materials

Please ensure that you have submitted by 16 January 2023

•  Completed online application form
•  A brief description of your proposed research, up to 1,000 words (Upload PDF)
•  Up to two samples of publications (Upload PDF)
•  Your CV (Upload PDF)
•  Two recommendation letters from people familiar with your work should be sent directly to


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