Since 1994 the Centre has organised an annual 'Ditchley conference' on a variety of topics including globalisation, science, women in Islam, security, Islam and the West, the environment and Islamic finance. In its new premises, the Centre is able to host such conferences on-site and more regularly. The first-rate facilities will also attract collaborators and partners developing compatible activities and programmes. 

Conferences: In addition to the Ditchley and miscellaneous stand-alone conferences, the Centre has partnered with other organisations and institutions to set up and sustain regular conferences and workshops. A recent example of such collaborative activities is the Centre's work with the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) covering themes such as security, migration, technology and the media. Click the side menu to review a limited selection of Conferences or see past newsletters for further details.

Roundtables: Similarly the Centre organises roundtables on a wide variety of subjects relevant to the Centre's research interests. Often jointly sponsored with other organizations some have become regular fixtures in the academic calendar. For instance, an annual roundtable (running since 2010) with the Securities Commission Malaysia bring together regulators, practitioners and scholars from around the world in the effort to encourage scholarly reflection on the theory and practice of Islamic finance. Click the side menu for selected Roundtables or see past newsletters for further details.