The Centre has four broad research areas:

  • classical Islamic sciences
  • the social and intellectual history of the Muslim world
  • the social and economic development of Muslim societies 
  • Muslims in Britain and the West

Three of the Centre's research projects are:

The Atlas Project

AtlasThis is a major international research project concerned with the intellectual roots of Muslim civilisation and social movements in the Islamic world. It will provide a comprehensive multivolume Historical Atlas of the Islamic World. The Leverhulme Trust (UK) the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (USA) and the Carnegie Corporation of New York (USA) have supported this project.

The Atlas is to be published by Oxford University Press (New York).


Muslims in Britain

Priority is given to research which helps an understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing British Muslims.

  • Research supported by the UK Housing Corporation identified the housing needs of British Muslims
  • Preliminary work has been done to develop a project on Muslims
  • Regular research workshops are held on different aspects of British Muslim life


Islamic finance

Research into the theory and practice of Islamic finance is being carried out in conjunction with a number of international financial institutions, policymakers and regulatory bodies such as the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Research seminars, workshops and conferences are regularly organised by the Centre on a range of topics. These include the annual Securities Commission Malaysia-Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Roundtable on Islamic Finance (running since 2010).