Science, Technology and Environment in Muslim societies

The Centre has an innovative project on ‘Science, Technology, and Environment in Muslim Societies’. There remains an urgent need to study the relationship between science and society in Muslim countries and to facilitate a deeper understanding of their interdependence. Within the scope of this project the Centre is adopting a holistic approach and will bring together concepts from different academic disciplines, notably the sciences and social sciences, in order to strengthen the scholarship around this topic. The aim will be to analyse the contribution of Muslim countries to global scientific progress and to identify opportunities for new approaches and mechanisms, including of international cooperation, which might enhance that contribution.

The project is being led by eminent scientists. Professor Sir David Clary FRS, Former President of Magdalen College, Oxford, is the Senior Adviser for this project. Professor Shahid Jameel, Former Chief Executive Officer of Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance and leading virologist, is the project’s Principal Investigator. The Environment stream is led by Professor Adil Najam, a Fellow at the Centre, Dean Emeritus at Boston University (USA), and President of WWF International.

This multi-disciplinary project will strengthen the Centre’s commitment to a collaborative approach to research, while developing its unique international connections.

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