Qur'anic Arabic (Tajwid) Course

This course aims to introduce students to the art of Qur’anic recitation (tajwid) through an applied approach. Designed to allow students to progress at their own pace, emphasis is placed on accurate pronunciation of consonants and the varying vowels, learning and observing the properties of letters and their conjunction, as well as rules of extension (madd) and stopping (waqf). The theoretical learning is reinforced through extensive group and individual practice.

By the end of the course, students will have acquired an intermediate level understanding of the rules of tajwid, good practice in the accurate application of these rules, and improved confidence in reciting the Qur’an correctly.

Students are required to be familiar with the Arabic alphabet and script. 

The course runs for 25 weeks over three terms on Saturday mornings (9:30am to 11:30am). The first term of the next cycle shall commence on Saturday, 7 October 2023

Instructor: Shaykh Muhammad Sahil

Venue: Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

Registration is now CLOSED. It will open again in August 2024.


For further details and enquiries, please contact:

The Mosque
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