Muslims in Britain

The study of Muslims in Britain has remained a major focus of the Centre’s academic interests. The work includes:

  • Research and Publications: Priority is given to research which helps an understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing British Muslims, although some research projects expand the scope of the research to cover Muslims and Islam in Europe. The UK Housing Corporation and the British Academy have funded a number of research projects at the Centre. Dr Asma Mustafa, the Salahuddin Abdul Jawad Research Fellow, published a book on identity and political participation amongst British Muslims. This was followed by the publication of her research on Muslims in the military. Professor Mark Halstead (former Azman Hashim Fellow, now Senior Associate member) has conducted research on ‘Muslim futures’ that explored the policy implications of the growing numbers of Muslim citizens in Western Europe. Professor Alison Shaw (former Senior Associate Member) has published a study of cousin marriages in the British Pakistani community.
  • Seminars and Roundtables: Seminars, workshops and roundtables are regularly organised by the Centre on a range of topics relating to Muslims in Britain and Europe. A recent example includes a roundtable, in partnership with ISESCO, which looked at issues surrounding religious education curricula as well as Muslim children in state schools.

Other initiatives related to Muslims in Britain include:

Scholarships: The Centre offers up to 5 scholarships per year to British Muslim students to read for degrees at the University of Oxford. (Click for further details.)

YMLP: The Young Muslim Leadership Programme (YMLP) is an intensive residential summer school open to Muslim men and women between the ages of 21 and 30. The aims of the programme are to enable participants to become confident of their identity as Muslims living in the United Kingdom, to promote knowledge of the diversity of opportunities within British society, and to develop participants’ leadership skills. (Click for further details.)