YMLP Alumni

The YMLP Alumni group has over 300 members. In addition to the alumni instituting their own networks and activities, the Centre runs reunions in Oxford and London, often in collaboration with The Prince’s Charities. For example, in 2010 HRH The Prince of Wales met past participants at a reunion organized at Clarence House and in 2014 the Centre held a reunion at the House of Lords to formally inaugurate the Alumni Association.  More recently, we have held annual reunions at OCIS in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Additionally, some alumni contribute to the YMLP event itself through workshops and panel discussions.

We also have an Alumni Advisory Group, consisting of representatives from various YMLP Alumni cohorts to help organize events, coordinate with the alumni and encourage networking.

The Centre’s YMLP Coordinator appreciates alumni staying in touch and this YMLP Alumni Update Form can be used to submit changes to personal details. Past-participants are welcome to get in touch with the YMLP Coordinator using the Contact Form.