Local and National

Often drawing on the advice of its Strategy Advisory Committee, the Centre continues to develop an active programme of public engagement, locally and nationally. 

Schools Education Visits Programme

The Centre launched its School Educational Visits Programme in February 2018. The programme provides an enriching out-of-classroom learning experience for children who are studying Islam as part of the Religious Education curriculum. Teachers and students are given a guided tour of the Centre’s buildings, gardens, and the Mosque. This is followed by an interactive presentation on Islamic faith and civilisation tailored to the specific curriculum objectives of the visiting group. Schools interested in visiting the Centre are invited to get in touch by selecting the ‘School Visits’ option on our Contact Us page

Tours and Talks 

The Centre regularly hosts visits from local groups, often as part of city-wide festivals and programmes when hundreds of visitors enjoy the opportunity to tour the buildings and gardens. Groups have included the Oxford Preservation Trust (which organises the annual city-wide ‘Oxford Open Doors’), the Oxford Literary Festival, the Oxford Civic Society, and Experience Oxfordshire.

Parliamentarians, Local Government

It remains a Centre priority to establish productive dialogue between academics and policymakers. Members of both Houses of Parliament participate in the Centre’s lecture series, the Young Muslim Leadership Programme and other functions. The Lord Lieutenant and his Deputies, the Lord Mayor and leading Councillors have also participated in Centre activities.

Muslim Communities and Interfaith Dialogue 

Representatives from a range of Muslim organizations take part in Centre programmes, conferences and workshops promoting interfaith dialogue. The Centre also welcomes visits from and talks by practitioners of different faiths. In 2018 the Centre hosted a lecture by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, and an interfaith conference (in partnership with the Muslim World League) at which all Abrahamic faiths were represented.

Website, Newsletter

The website is regularly refreshed and the Newsletter is distributed electronically to readers worldwide. 

Library: Knowledge exchange and outreach

The Centre’s Library develops its own knowledge exchange and outreach initiatives with other libraries and librarians within Oxford and from across the world, through internships, study visits and organised visits by fellow librarians.