Organised on a termly basis, Centre seminars are built around themes related to Islamic studies or issues pertinent to Muslim societies. These Seminar Series run in Weeks 1 to 8 during term and are open to members of the public. Speakers from the University of Oxford, other UK universities and institutions are joined by international experts to give a broad and informed view on each theme. 

Seminars Series: Termly seminar series are advertised in advance and included in the University's Gazette. Occasionally there are last-minute changes to speakers, therefore attendees should regularly check the website for updates. Click the side-menu for details of this term's seminars. Recent themes are listed on the side-menu and described in past newsletters.

Occasional Seminars: The Centre also arranges seminars that may not go with the seminar series theme. These 'Occasional Seminars' are advertised separately and are also open to the general public, space permitting. Again, attendees should regularly check the website for details. A selection of past occasional seminars can be accessed via the side-menu and by reviewing past newsletters.