Fellows' Research Interests

In addition to its own research interests, the Centre welcomes opportunities to join other institutions in sponsoring programmes of research on the Islamic world and supports the research of its resident and visiting fellows, including:

Economies of Muslim Societies: Dr Adeel Malik
Education: Dr Talal Al-Azem
History: Dr Talal Al-AzemDr Farhan NizamiDr Moin Nizami
Islam and Science: Dr Afifi Al-Akiti
Law: Dr Talal Al-AzemBaroness Hale of Richmond
Oriental Studies: Dr Afifi Al-AkitiDr Talal Al-Azem; Dr Farhan NizamiDr Moin Nizami
Southeast Asia: Dr Afifi Al-Akiti
South Asia: Dr Moin Nizami
Theology: Dr Afifi Al-Akiti