AI: simulation and dissimulation

Dr Yaqub Chaudhary
Wednesday, 14 October 2020

In this talk, Dr Chaudhary will discuss three key issues in the development of AI and digital technologies and why they should be of interest from the perspective of Islamic scholarship. He will discuss the digitalisation of space and time. Next he will discuss how interacting with an AI agent is interacting within the envelope of its digital world. Then he will discuss the transformation of scientific knowledge as it is increasingly mediated through artificial constructs as well as the destabilisation of text, audio and visual media as sources of information by new affordances of the digital and AI. Finally, he will discuss why these developments warrant the attention of Islamic scholars.

Dr Yaqub Chaudhary is a recent Research Fellow in AI, Philosophy and Theology at the Cambridge Muslim College. His research interests are at the intersection of AI, the mind and brain sciences, philosophy of mind, and digital technologies.

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