Chinggis Khan's Empire Restored? The Conquests of Tamerlane in a Mongol Perspective

Professor Peter Jackson (Keele University)
Wednesday, 8 May 2024

Peter Jackson was educated at St. John’s College, Cambridge (B.A. 1971), where he wrote his Ph.D. thesis on ‘The Mongols and India, 1221-1351’.  He was a Junior Research Fellow at Churchill College, 1975-1979, and taught in the History Department at Keele University from 1979, becoming Professor of Medieval History in 2002.  He retired from Keele in 2011.  His principal publications are: The Cambridge History of Iran, vol. 6: The Timurid and Safavid Periods (ed., 1986); The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck (jointly ed. with David Morgan, 1990); The Delhi Sultanate (1999); The Mongols and the West, 1221-1410 (2005; new edn, 2018); The Seventh Crusade, 1244-54. Sources and Documents (trans. and ed., 2007); The Mongols and the Islamic World from Conquest to Conversion (2017); and From Genghis Khan to Tamerlane: The Reawakening of Mongol Asia (2023).

This seminar will begin at 5pm in the Centre's Jerusalem Room. Prior booking is not required. All welcome.