Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: A History

Professor Maryam Alemzadeh (University of Oxford)
Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Maryam Alemzadeh is Associate Professor in History and Politics of Iran at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA) and a Middle East Centre Fellow. She holds a Ph.D in sociology from the University of Chicago (2018). Maryam’s research interests include revolutions, state building, militias and militaries, and modern Iran, and currently she is writing a book titled Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: A History. The book is based on firsthand research on the Revolutionary Guards’ first generation of commanders, volunteers, supporters, and critics, as they struggled to find order in chaos on a day-to-day basis. Her work has been published in academic outlets such as the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, and policy analysis outlets such as Foreign Affairs.

This seminar will begin at 5pm in the Centre's Jerusalem Room. Prior booking is not required. All welcome.