Islam: Faith and Culture

One Day Course at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
Dr Afifi Al Akiti, Dr Talal Al-Azem, Sheikh Ibrahim Mohammad Amin and Mr Amre Aiad
Saturday, 27 April 2019

Islam is a universal faith, which inspires the lives of a billion followers in the world today. Muslims have a great diversity in language, art and culture. Their societies, however, share a firm monotheistic tradition that permeates all aspects of Muslim practice and civilization.

The course aims to provide an introduction to Islam and a sound basis for an informed discussion on an important subject which has been attracting national and global interest. It offers a guide to understanding the role of Islam in private and public spheres, illuminating a variety of issues that underscore the vitality of Islam and its social impact. The course also offers the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour of the Centre’s building and garden.


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Tutors: Dr Afifi Al Akiti, KFAS Fellow in Islamic Studies; Dr Talal Al-Azem, Mohammed Noah Fellow; Sheikh Ibrahim Mohammad Amin, Imam, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies; and Mr Amre Aiad, Director MAK + Partners Ltd