Malcolm X in Retrospect: A Panel on his Contemporary Resonance

Speakers: Dr Arun Rasiah (Holy Names University), Judith M. Okely (Hull), Chloe Stallibrass (Oxford)
Friday, 14 June 2019
Occasional Seminar

Panel discussion

Speakers: Dr Arun Rasiah, Holy Names University; Judith M. Okely, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology (Hull); Chloe Stallibrass, Economist and Policy Adviser (Oxford)

Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, 1925-1965) continues to attract scholars and the public on account of his continued relevance. One fascinating aspect of his life was his faith that energized his engagement with issues in Muslim life around questions of race, human rights, education, and identity. His address here at the Oxford Union in 1964 alone is the subject of two monographs. Recently, new source materials have been made available in limited editions such as The Diary of Malcolm X (2013) and an unpublished chapter of The Autobiography of Malcolm X (2018). His performance of the hajj and meeting leaders of decolonization in his global travels, leave a lasting meaning particularly for Muslims and other minorities and ethnic groups in western societies. This panel discussion revisits Malcolm X and of his contemporary resonance in responding to vexed issues around race, faith, and social exclusion.

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