Orientalism and the Philology of the New Human

Professor Wael Hallaq, Columbia University
Saturday, 21 May 2022
Occasional Seminar

Join us for an opportunity to discuss the central ideas of Professor Wael Hallaq's most recent works, Restating Orientalism (2018) and Reforming Modernity (2019), with the author himself. The seminar will start with a short presentation by Professor Hallaq, analysing the subjective formation and psycho-epistemology that had enabled the pathologies of Orientalism, and proposing the formation of a new subjectivity and an ethicized philology as a solution. A series of open discussions will follow

The seminar will begin at 1pm and finish at 5pm.

Participants are strongly recommended to prepare by reading: Restating Orientalism (Columbia University Press, 2018), especially chapters 3–5; and Reforming Modernity (Columbia University Press, 2019), especially chapters 2, 6, and the Epilogue.

Due to limited capacity, please register for this seminar here.


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