The Visualisation of Archaeological Hypotheses with Digital Technologies -

An Architectural View on Islamic and Other Heritage
Professor Dominik Lengyel (Brandenburg University of Technology)
Tuesday, 2 May 2023
Science Seminar Series

Professor Dominik Lengyel (Brandenburg University of Technology) will speak about 'The Visualisation of Archaeological Hypotheses with Digital Technologies'. A brief description of the topic is set out below:

The visual mediation of architecture is typically realised in two different ways – either in the form of photorealistic design visions or in the form of real photographs. In the case of destroyed buildings, as they are addressed above all in the field of cultural heritage, the situation is similar, with photographs here showing ruins and photorealistic visions dominated by overwhelming speculation. Neither of these, however, reflects the state of science or the core of architecture. Abstraction to selected constituents of architecture provides a targeted visual representation of the content, which stands as imagery alongside the text, and also to convey to the public an image of the state of the art in science. In the field of classical archaeology, the rule-based nature of architectural orders allows even a relatively small group of fragments to visualise the geometry of a building with a relatively high degree of certainty. What emerges visually is then not a simulation of built architecture, but the visualisation of its design intention, in a general sense its idea.

The presentation will include topics of the classical antiquity, the Sasanian empire, the Umayyad dynasty, the medieval and the early and late modern period.


This seminar will begin at 5pm in the Centre's Jerusalem Room. Prior booking is not required. All welcome.