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Visiting Fellowships &Visiting Research Fellowships (Round 2) - 2024 - 25

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A Visiting Fellowship or Visiting Research Fellowship award at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies is tenable for a period of one, two or three Terms.

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For more information, please see our Privacy Notice for Visiting Fellowships and Visiting Research Fellowships.


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Please ensure that you have submitted your application by 30 May 2024. A completed application includes

•  Completing and submitting this online application form with;
•  A brief description of your proposed research, up to 1,000 words (Upload PDF)
•  Your CV (Upload PDF)

You will also need:
Two letters of support (signed and dated) from two persons familiar with your work. These should be uploaded by them to Please remember to send your referees this link and indicate the deadline for submission.

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