POW Garden


Open Garden Days

Opening times: Tuesdays, 4pm-6pm.

The Prince of Wales Garden is open to visitors every Tuesday evening from May until October.


Prince of Wales Garden

The Centre’s garden has been designed to create an environment of peace, contemplation and beauty. The layout of the garden conforms to that of a formal Islamic garden, and features many plants normally found in British gardens. Visitors will see the rose garden, western border, and central wildflower planting.


Seasonal highlights in the Prince of Wales’ Garden:

Winter: Christmas roses (hellebores) and scented daphnes (late winter to spring in the Western border and daphne garden)

Spring: Spring flowers in the western border; wildflower meadow (spring to early summer)

Summer: Rose garden and wildflower meadow (later spring to autumn)

Autumn: Liquid amber on southern screen (green leaves turning red)