Journal of Islamic Studies - Issue 29 Number 2, May 2018

The May 2018 issue of the Journal of Islamic Studies contains the following articles:

  • Journal Islamic Studies 29 2Contested Avenues in Post-Classical Hadith Criticism: A Reading through the Lens of al-Mughnī ʿan al-ḥifẓ wa-l-kitāb by Mustafa Macıt Karagözoğlu
  • The Merits of the Bāṭiniyya: Al-Ghazālī’s Appropriation of Ismaʿili Cosmology by Khalil Andani
  • Muslims in the American Media: From Texts to Affects by Kathleen M. Foody

The issue also contains 22 book reviews of some of the most recent publications about Islam and the Muslim World. 

The full contents can be seen here.