OCIS - Oxford Scholarships

Launched in 2009, the OCIS – Oxford Scholarships support British Muslim students as well as those from developing countries in Asia and Africa to read for degrees at the University of Oxford. Under the programme, up to five scholarships each year are available for undergraduate students from Muslim communities in Britain. Additionally, up to five postgraduate scholarships are available for UK students from Muslim communities and students from specified countries in Asia or Africa. The scholarships are available to students undertaking study in a range of fields relevant to the needs of Muslim societies.

Undergraduate Scholarships (UG)

For further details of the OCIS – Oxford Undergraduate Scholarships, including eligibility criteria and an application form, for those who have received an offer to commence Undergraduate study in October 2021, follow this link to the profile on the University web site. Click to download the Undergraduate leaflet.

Postgraduate Scholarships (PG)

Applications for OCIS –  Oxford Postgraduate Scholarships have closed for academic year 2021–22, but will re-open in Autumn 2021 for academic year 2022-23. Scholarship applications are made through the University's normal admissions procedures. The scholarships cover University fees and a grant for living costs. An application for a scholarship is made at the time of completion of the Graduate Application Form. Further information is available from the University's website. Click for details of the Scholarship Profile. Click to download the Postgraduate leaflet.