Regarded as the epitome of the just ruler, Umar (or Omar)the second caliphis one of the most significant figures in early Islamic history. His rule (634-44 CE) laid the foundations of an empire that has since defined, both culturally and geographically, the heartlands of the Islamic world. Shibli Numani's classic account links the military conquests of the period with Umar's reforms in law, government, and public administration. It describes the personal strengths, skills, and character of Umar, and evaluates his contribution to the ethos of Islam.

Umar was published in 2004.


Shibli Numani (18571914) was a distinguished scholar of Arabic and Persian. Famous for his biography of the Prophet, he wrote extensively on early Islamic history, and was closely associated with the Aligarh Movement initiated by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (18171898).

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